O’clock Brewing – It’s always time !

We are creating the beers we like to drink, according to our desires and our ideas...

Recipes created by now

When it comes to designing a new recipe, the O'clock team is never short of ideas.

Water, malt, hops, yeast… If the list of ingredients used to create a beer is often short, the wealth of varieties of raw materials and the multitude of beer styles offer us a real palette for composing new recipes.

O'clock, it's a story of friendship, a story of passion

Kevin, Quentin and Sébastien have known each other since middle school and have been brewing as amateurs since high school. In 2015, when they joined separate courses, they decided to embark on the O’clock Brewing adventure together. An adventure that allows them today to produce more than 350,000 liters of beer!

Discover the latest beers from our tanks

The O’clock range is constantly evolving, let yourself be surprised by our latest creations…

PA, lager, stout… The different styles of beer offer us an infinite palette of creation. Thus, according to our desires, the seasons or even our imagination, we create new recipes every day to complete our range.

Since 2017, we have also been offering beers aged in barrels of various origins through our Baden Power range. A way for us to let ourselves be surprised and add real added value to our recipes. In short, to put it simply, at O’clock, there is bound to be a beer for you!!