The brewery

We give all our passion and knowledge into creating new recipes every day

Now, while more than 140 recipes have come out of the brewery's vats, the original idea is still there

In 2015, when Quentin, Kevin and Sébastien created O’clock Brewing, the idea was clear: surf on the different styles of beer and offer authentic products, rich in aromas and character. Now, while more than 140 recipes have come out of the brewery’s vats, the original idea is still there.
Thus, the team which is now composed of 8 people, offers today a very varied range of beers while maintaining a strong model in character and aroma. So many recipes that we love to offer at many events in bars or at festivals dedicated to beer.

More than 13 years ago now, when we brewed our first amateur beers, we were far from imagining that all this would lead us to brew several thousand liters of beer every day.

f at the very beginning, O’clock was the story of three childhood friends who built their brewery together around their common passion for beer…

Today, O’clock is a team of 8 people who work with passion to offer you new recipes every day.

A team that loves beautiful products and for whom professionalism and passion are always a guarantee of quality!!

We make it craft!!!

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